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Web Design & Web Application Development Services

Fresher is better!  Your website can become dated, speaking volumes about you and your business.  Perhaps it's just your content that needs an update.  Or the content is fine but the design is dated.  Or perhaps your site isn't selling your products & services or generating the traffic and qualified leads you would like.

CSSTech offers a complete line of web design and development services to freshen up your website:

Web Design Services

Simple, elegant, professional web design based on web standards, with custom graphics, hand-coded XHTML and CSS.  We favour a clean, contemporary style.  Design is balanced with search engine optimization, usability and web accessibility considerations.  We also do full cross-browser testing to ensure your web page can be easily read in any browser.

Web Application Development Services

Specializing in database driven websites, we offer ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, Javascript, and AJAX solutions using MS SQL Server 2005, MS SQL Server 2000, MySQL and MS Access databases.  We can:

We can also help with a buy or build decision.  As much as we'd like to think the world revolves around custom programming solutions, it isn't always desirable or necessary so we offer ...

Third Party Web Solutions Consulting Services

Why reinvent the wheel?    We can help you sift through the maze of online services and web-based software to find the right online software solution to meet your needs (features, budget, ROI, long term viability, etc.) as well as helping you move or migrate your data to these online systems.

Website Maintenance & Webmaster Services

Need someone to routinely update your existing site?  Add new pages or features such as a newsletter signup?  CSSTech offers professional webmaster services to keep your site current and up to date.  We can update your

as requested.  Images are always optimized for crisp appearance and quick loading.  We also check for dead links and monitor traffic trends.  A regularly maintained website pays off in more traffic (search engines love fresh content) and longer page view times by visitors to your website.

We strive for a high level of customer service with a maximum 48 hour turnaround on your website maintenance requests.  Many website updates are done same day.

Web Template Implementation

Need a professional website without the high end graphic design pricetag?  A website template may be the alternative for you.  CSSTech can help customize your chosen website template with your logo, branding, colour scheme and unique content.  Add our search engine optimization services to make your new website search engine friendly.

Web Analytics & Website Statistics - Reporting

Want to know more about who is visiting your site and from where?  The stats that come with your web hosting package may not be user friendly or separate search engine spiders from real people.  CSSTech can set you up with a user-friendly web analytics service for your website traffic analysis and monitoring needs.  We also provide orientation, training, and custom reporting from mixed data sources including your web analytics package, if needed.

Content Management System Implementation

If you are planning a large site or portal needing constant updates, a Content Management System (CMS) will be the solution for you.  CSSTech can help you choose the CMS best suited to your publishing needs and set up your CMS.  We will customize the look of your website templates to match your branding and provide orientation or training & to speed up the learning curve as required.

WordPress Blog Customization

Blogging (in conjunction with a corporate newsletter) is an opportunity for you to leverage your expertise in your field through bumping your search engine rankings and facilitating a conversation with your customers.  It can raise your profile in your industry and potentially generate new leads for your business.  CSSTech can help install and customize your Wordpress blog - appearance, plugins, widgets, and custom development.

Email Marketing & Promotions

Want to collect email addresses for newsletters or promotions?  Or run a draw or contest?  This is a simple addition to your existing site.  We can get you up and running with your newsletter or email marketing campaign through Constant Contact or Intellicontact.

Domain Registration & Website Setup

We routinely handle domain registration, website hosting setup & email account setup as part of our “full service” offerings.

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